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- Claude Bernard -

“The joy of discovery is certainly the liveliest that the mind of man can ever feel”

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Research Assistants are the backbone of our organization and play a crucial role in the research we conduct. Researchers will review databases, work with advisors and healthcare professionals to complete research projects culminating in the scholarly publication of research through various media, including published articles. Researchers will be able to work in small teams to complete research projects and be able to participate in other organizational activities such as suggesting research topics and collaborating with our partners for different events. ​​
Research advisors are integral to RadScholar's leadership and commitment to innovative research. Research advisors work closely with teams of researchers to guide and inspire them through the process of academic research. Advisors will review research projects, provide feedback, and ensure that the work produced meets our quality standards. Advisors may also opt to be involved in choosing research topics, creating research teams and assisting with grants and research proposals. ​
Join our marketing, content creation, or graphic design internship

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The marketing, content creation and graphic design team are key to our success as an organization. They are an asset in propelling the organization's social media presence and sharing its foundations to the public in a professional and admirable manner. They also act as a channel that aid in connecting the organization to potential partners, students, and healthcare professionals. Such team members will collaborate with each other to voice the organization's mission internationally. 

Meet the Team!

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mohamed nashnoush

Founder & CEO

Mohamed Nashnoush is a second-year student in the Dalhousie University Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound program. He is an avid learner and is currently involved in an array of research projects. He is also involved in numerous humanitarian initiatives at both the local and national levels. Mohamed is the recipient of the IWK Future Health Research and Innovation Scholarship and The Terry Fox Humanitarian Award. In his free time, he loves making card games, playing board games, meeting new people, supporting non-profit organizations, tutoring, 3D printing, and origami.


Julia zheng

Co-director of Design

Julia is a fourth-year student at the University of Toronto Life Science program. She specializes in health and disease and minors in physiology. Her interests lie not only in learning how disease states come about but also in graphic design. She is involved in various youth-led non-profit organizations to be a part of the change she envisions for the world. In her spare time, she likes watching dramas, exploring new music, and bullet journaling.

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ketan saraf

Co-director of Design

Driven by his passion for Computer Science. He is forever evolving as a person and in a perpetual cycle of learning—a dynamic and innovative designer with an eye for details.

Taran Headshot - Taran Layal.png

taran layal

Tanveer faruq